Tips to Reduce Stress

by Travis Chaney | Oct 9, 2020

By Travis Chaney
CEO, Coach and Consultant

There’s a lot of craziness going on right now, and stress is probably really eating at you. What can you do to reduce some of that stress? I’ve got three things for you today.

Number One: Journal. Writing down your thoughts and emotions is a great way to get up some pent up tension that you might have in your mind or body.

Number Two: Connect with others. You don’t have to go through this all alone. What I like to do is reach out to people who I know when I connect with them, they’re going to lift me up. They’re positive people. They’re nonjudgmental. And I know they’re always going to be there for me.

Number Three: Laugh a lot. You’ve got to laugh – it’s a great release of tension. Find funny videos, tell some jokes, read some jokes, watch a standup comedian do their thing. If you’re like me, I just go home and watch my kids. I’ve got a four-year-old who is very entertaining. Make sure you’re taking the time to laugh, and don’t take yourself too seriously. The first person you’ll probably laugh at is yourself.

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