D2 events are a great time! Not only will you be educated, you’ll be entertained and you’ll find a community like none other. We support each other, share challenges, solutions and ideas, and come home refreshed and renewed for the work ahead.

We typically hold two or three events a year. These can be specialty events dedicated to a particular topic (such as the Ritz-Carlton’s legendary customer service) or events such as D2 Think Tank or D2 Live, which are designed to provide a chance for your team to learn and grow.

Here’s a look at a recent D2 Live event in Charleston, SC.

Dynamic Directions Events 2020

Think Tank
March 25
Miami, FL

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ICE Think Tank
March 26
Miami, FL

ICE Meeting
June 11-12
New York City

D2 Live
November 10
New Orleans, LA

ICE Workshop
November 11-12
New Orleans, LA

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