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Achieve the next level of success at your own pace. Online, individual instruction for financial advisors and leaders.

    Time to Succeed

    The day-to-day of serving your clients and growing your financial advisor business takes time. Discover new ways to break through to the next level of success or leadership without overloading your calendar.

    D2 distills almost two decades of coaching into online modules that teach you how to acquire and serve clients as you build an extraordinary life and practice.

    Discover the mindset and the skillset to reach your goals and drive the results you want — at your own pace.


    Get the direction you need, when you need it. Or online modules cover everything you need to help you grow as a financial advisor.

    The course includes the following modules, each with video assignments, workbooks, resources, and much more!


    We assume you want to grow. What you have at your disposal now are an array of tools and resources that we know work. What you use first will depend on your goals, so determine what you want and then make these tools your own to get there.


    Beliefs matter. If you want different results, you must get your beliefs in alignment with the results you want and the behavior it’s going to take to deliver those results. What beliefs are driving you? What beliefs are holding you back?

    Value Interpretation

    If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, value is in the eye of the buyer. This module helps you figure out what your value is, how to price it, and how to interpret it. You must become a master at interpreting the value.


    Sales is not a dirty word! Without any sales, you wouldn’t have any business. The idea of sales is just to lead other people to take action so they’re better off. We’ll show you how to sell from this win-win perspective.

    Objections and Closes

    Objections are not the end – they’re just the beginning, where you find out what really matters to the clients. Objections and closes are an opportunity to solve their problem and get them where they want to go.


    If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Marketing to the right audience is critically important for the financial advisory business. We’ll show you how to target your marketing to acquire not just more clients, but better clients.


    Networking might strike fear into your heart, but it can be hugely beneficial. We’ll show you how to make the most of networking situations both in person and online. (Hint: show up with a spirit of generosity!)


    If you want to grow your business and move upmarket to attract higher net worth clients, you must focus on referrals. Research shows the further you move upmarket, the more prospects want to be referred. We’ll examine your entire referral system to help you grow in the most productive, cost-effective, professional way possible.

    Price vs. Value

    Price vs. value is an important element for any business. Price and value are on a weight scale with each other – if the value is great in the eyes of your clients and prospects, the price isn’t going to matter. Find out how to price your services appropriately.

    Client Experience: Part 1

    People will forget what you say and do, but they won’t forget how you make them feel. Client experience is about giving your clients the feeling that they are important and special to you. We’ll teach you the client experience timeline to systematize your process.

    Client Experience: Part 2

    We’ll continue to build out your client experience process, including your service values and the concept of impression management. You’ll learn how to provide a Ritz-Carlton level of service to your clients!


    Get a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE on Our Individual Advisor Program and discover how you can grow.


    Confident business woman with her arms crossed.

    FOR LEADERS ONLY – Individual Advisor Owner Program

    Many of you started as financial advisors but realized that to grow you need to build a team. This means you need to lead! This module will give you the resources to become a more impactful and influential leader. You’ll learn to cast your vision and get buy-in from your team so your goals match. Becoming a better leader will help move you from success to significance so you can impact the world around you.

    Get all of the value of the individual courses PLUS leadership training.



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