Ready for a full or partial sale of your practice?

We make sure you don’t leave money on the table – and that your clients will be well taken care of.

If your extraordinary life is calling for you to sell all or part of your practice, you might not even know where to start.

  • What is the practice worth?
  • Is a public or private sale better?
  • How do you find potential buyers?
  • How do you narrow down the list of potential buyers? Who is the best fit?
    How will you get the best price? What are the right questions to ask?
  • What is the best way to build the agreement so buyer and seller both feel it’s a win?
  • How do you communicate the sale to your clients and hand them off to the buyer?
  • How will you get the best price? What are the right questions to ask?

You just want to sail off into the sunset, but the road to get there seems long and arduous.

Acquisitions Advisory (A2) Services for Sellers include:

  • What’s motivating you to sell?
  • Have you identified the values, principles and characteristics you want in a buyer?
  • Do you know recent trends in valuing a practice and financing a purchase so you can maximize the value of your practice?
  • What short-term changes can you implement to increase the value of your practice?
  • Do you want a public or private sale?
  • Have you segmented your clients so your buyer knows which clients to focus on first?
  • Have you compiled data on your practice that a buyer will want to see such as sources of revenue, amount of assets in products, age of clients, etc.?
  • Have you identified future opportunities for your clients that you don’t currently manage?
  • Do you have a summary of all your expenses, revenue, net profit and overall economic benefit to you?
  • Do you have an org chart with job titles, descriptions, roles and responsibilities, etc.?

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"My decision-making skills have certainly increased over the past six months, and my optimism with where we are now as a team has not been this strong in a long time. I am grateful for the knowledge and experience."

- Paula Dougherty, Private Wealth Advisor
Springfield, MO

“The number one thing D2 has helped me with is accountability. They make me think about the solutions that are necessary for myself personally, and for my entire practice and for my team.

The results have been wonderful and the investment in D2 is one hundred percent worth it. 

- Ed Poach, Private Wealth Advisor, CEO, FORTIFY Private Wealth Management
Canonsburg, PA

“Working with Dynamic Directions has made a huge difference in our growth. We have become more focused on processes and how people fit into specific roles. It would be very difficult to achieve the results we have without their guidance. Most important is, they grow with us! That has been a key to our successful relationship.”

- Jay Woerdeman, Private Wealth Advisor, CEO, The Woerdeman Financial Group
Kingston, MA

“Our investment in coaching with D2 initially helped our team to appreciate our value to clients and to raise pricing and productivity while instilling the confidence to make strategic investments in staff and infrastructure to create a platform for growth.

Travis and the team have also been instrumental in working through staff challenges and offering a la carte advice to address growing pains and to make smart decisions around investments and practice acquisitions. 

- Randy Perkins, CFP®, CRPC™, Private Wealth Advisor, Perkins-London Wealth Advisors
East Meadow, NY

“My coaching relationship with D2 has help me think differently than before. By thinking differently, I have been able to drive exponential growth while keeping work-life balance intact.

- Scott Leibfried, Private Wealth Advisor, CEO, StackStone Wealth

“Dynamic Directions has helped me grow my business and understand it better. They have helped me stay on the cutting edge so I continue to do things very few advisors are doing. It has evolved from a mentor/mentee relationship to friendships. I value it very much both on the professional side and the personal side. D2 has answers to almost everything, and they’re always available for you.

- Dan Gamm, Private Wealth Advisor, President, TW Financial Group
Warwick, RI

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