You Need a Systematic Recharge

by d2dynamic | Oct 8, 2020

By Jon Randall
Chief Coaching Officer

Systematically recharging yourself is the key to getting through these unusual times. Your usual circumstances have probably changed like they have for most people, and it causes stress. It steals away our energy and it hinders our performance at all the important things in your life – being a spouse, a parent, a friend, and focusing on your business or what you do for a living.

One of the keys to maintaining your performance at higher energy levels is a systematic recharge. Think about it – it’s like your cell phone. You have to systematically recharge your cell phone every day. If you don’t, it stops working. Human beings are no different. We’re the same. We need some ways to unplug from the stressful things and plug into something else that recharges us. So if you’re hunkered down at home and you’re working from home and you’ve got kids at home, try going outside.

Try something different, something that makes you laugh. Do some different things that you don’t normally do.  Sometimes when we’re working from home with our families at home all the time, it can be wearying, so it’s important to recharge from the different roles systematically and have regularity so that you have energy for your different roles in life.

Above all else, take care of yourself, eat well, sleep well. We need it more than ever to get through these next couple of months.

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