Nancy Ainsworth

Coach and Consultant

Nancy Ainsworth has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial industry. A former supervisor and manager, her primary areas of coaching and consulting include operations and accountability. She helps advisors stay focused on each project before moving on to the next as they continue their growth.

Her ability to help advisors become more efficient in their practice gives them more time to focus on their top priorities, which lead to practice growth.

Nancy joined Dynamic Directions in 2018 as a Transformation Guide. She lives in Shawano, Wisconsin, with her husband, Jim, and they own a dairy farm, Shawland Farms. Their family has been farming more than 100 years. They have two children — Jenna and Erik.

Get Experience On Your Side

Nancy specializes in coaching as a “change agent.” She believes that while change is easy, sustaining change is hard. As a trusted coach, she helps clients move from vision to habit in order to create lasting change. Why wait to put her proven solutions to work for you?

To schedule a complimentary consultation with Nancy, contact us or call our office at 270-663-7264.

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