Mark Colvin

Coach and Consultant

Mark Colvin, CFP®, BFA™, CLU®, ChFC®, has practiced as a financial advisor for 25 years, growing his practice to $1.5M in GDC with two AFAs and five team members. As a National Consultant Trainer for Oakridge Training Center, he applied new technology to automate and systematize his practice, leading to his success.

In 2020, he merged his practice with Kuttin Wealth Management as part of his long-term succession plan, which further developed his understanding of how technology can benefit large team practices.

Making Technology Work For You

Mark has developed technology strategies for practices ranging from solo practitioners to ensembles to small and large teams. He believes technology should be applied to solve individual practice needs, not used just because it’s new and exciting.

He helps practices deploy appropriate technology to systematize and automate current processes. In addition to evaluating tech skills such as file management and application functions, he creates a strong foundation with basic skills to improve the overall use of technology.

Mark’s Technology Coaching Process

• Evaluate your team’s technology strengths and weaknesses
• Review your processes and procedures to determine how technology is currently deployed
• Identify areas where processes can be automated, apply appropriate tools and adapt them to those processes
• Train staff on how to get the most out of technology by deepening their foundational understanding of technology
• Re-evaluate the practice after implementation of technology
• Expand technology as your team grows in comfort level with technology usage

To schedule a complimentary consultation with Mark, contact us or call our office at 270-663-7264.

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