Narrow Your Focus

by d2dynamic | Apr 20, 2021

Focus can give you big marketing results.

It’s hard to get results if you try everything all the time. If you try everything with every person all the time, it’s too much. No human being can keep up with this. Maybe you’ll be the first Superman or Superwoman, but probably not.

So get focused on a small number of people. This is where it gets really easy – the easiest place to start is with people who may have referred you in the past. They’re the most likely to refer again. Whatever they did, or whatever they said worked, so go back to them. You should always keep a short list of who those people are that have referred you.

Here’s the next list to build: those who have access to other good people just like them. People who have access are key. They might work at a certain place, might be in a certain profession, might live in a certain neighborhood, might have a hobby – whatever it might be that gives them access to other people who would be good clients for you.

Just focus on these two small groups, or even just pick one of those groups instead of trying everything with everyone. It’s too difficult. It doesn’t work.

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Get focused, get narrow, get a small number of people and get results. Stay awesome.

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