MythBuster: Only Struggling Advisors Need Coaches

by Ben Hoak | Aug 11, 2023


Hey everyone, Travis Chaney, CEO of Dynamic Directions, here with a myth-busting topic today. That’s right, there are myths across all industries, but I’m focusing on a significant one in the coaching industry today.

The Common Misconception: Coaching Only for the Struggling

Many people believe that they only need a coach or consultant when they’re struggling. That’s like saying, ‘I only need to get better when I’m sick.’

The Reality: Continuous Improvement

I can tell you, I don’t have any ‘sick’ coaching clients around here. Do you know why? They’re constantly improving. That’s their daily goal. They reflect on what they did and what they could do even better tomorrow. They are constructively dissatisfied.

Where Coaching Shines: The Hunger to Get Better

That’s where coaching is most powerful: when you’re hungry to get better, even when you’re not struggling or sick. It’s not about healing; it’s about enhancing, growing, and striving for excellence.

Thanks for tuning in for our tip today. For all you hungry advisors who are already healthy, give me a call. Let’s talk, and let’s grow together.


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