Let’s Talk Insurance

by d2dynamic | Oct 8, 2020

By Jon Randall
Chief Coaching Officer

Insurance should be a multiple six figure revenue stream for your practice. If it’s not, there are probably some things holding you back. Now, I know a lot of financial advisors view themselves as professionals and not salespeople, and they have this self-limiting belief of “If I get into insurance with clients, I might be confused with one of those insurance salespeople that’s always pushing something.”

Separate yourself from those people as a true professional who is positioning a solution to help others. You’re not selling products, you’re helping people, so put yourself on a different level. A CAC advisor I have coached for a long time, who always produces multiple six figures in insurance GDC, puts it best: your clients are going to get it somewhere, so you can choose to accept multiple six figures in insurance GDC, or you can choose to allow somebody else to accept that GDC.

There are definitely some solutions that are probably a bigger bang for your time and produce more with less clients. This approach is getting away from the traditional needs approach. If, God forbid, something happened, that’s more for younger up and coming people, and most of your best clients don’t have the need for that – they probably surpass it.

However, most wealthy and savvy people leverage a lot of the benefits of insurance. It’s one of the few vehicles where you can put assets in and guarantee a certain amount of money for the family, the heirs, the kids, the grandkids, and then some.

So in thinking about these solutions differently, you can position some great tax savings and estate planning. This is a different approach with your clients – it moves from selling the small term policy to talking about big legacy planning that your top clients will value.

These are the things that they’re looking for. These are the things that will bring tremendous value and set you apart from everybody else. And you know what? This business is really special because the more you tend to help people, the more you tend to get GDC.

We have some awesome strategies on how to do this. I was number four in all of Ameriprise five or six years ago using these strategies on a much smaller book in my practice. This is just one of many things I’d love to connect with you on what results worked. We’ve got some workbooks and other exercises around these items that can help you.

To schedule a complimentary consultation on how to implement this idea, fill out the form to the right, email jon@dynamicdirections-d2.com or call 270-663-7264.

I’d love to connect with you and help you get big, big GDC results. Stay awesome.

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