D2 Chief Coaching Officer Opens New Firm

by Mandy | Jan 27, 2023

Owensboro, KY (January 30, 2023) – Dynamic Directions (D2) announced today that Chief Coaching Officer Jon Randall is leaving D2 to open his own coaching and consulting firm, eXtraordinary Financial Advisors (XFA).

Randall has been a coach with D2 for the past 15 years, working under the mentorship of D2 CEO Travis Chaney. “He’s learned how to be a very solid, quality, sought-after coach and consultant,” Chaney said. “These last several years, he’s been on an accelerated growth path both in his knowledge and application as a coach and consultant along with his ability to attract new clients.”

“Jon and I both felt like this is the next step in his evolutionary path with Dynamic Directions – for him to take what he’s learned over the last 15 years and establish his own firm where he can put his knowledge to work with his own team and his own brand.”

“All the years being part of D2 have been great,” Randall said. “I was doing coaching and consulting on my own before D2, but learning from a larger team of coaches/consultants was better than being alone on an island. Financial advisors love learning from each other; getting many of them together who work with D2 coaches has been a highlight (I learn from the advisors we coach).”

D2 and XFA will still do business together through an alliance that allows XFA to use D2 coaches with their clients. The alliance includes a licensing agreement that permits XFA to use D2 tools and resources, and XFA clients will be invited to D2 events.

“We will still have a strong alliance with D2 as we always have, and look forward to seeing everyone at the annual D2 Live workshop,” Randall said.

Chaney sees the new endeavor as a natural progression. “As a leader and a mentor, your goal is to help your team members grow. If that means growing in different directions from you and that’s the best thing for who you’re leading, I believe you have to support that path.  I am so excited for Jon and I wish nothing but success for him and his team.”

Chaney also said he was grateful for all Jon has contributed to D2, especially as he is finishing a PhD in Performance Psychology and brought principles from his studies to bear in coaching situations.

“He’s brought a lot to the table that we’re most grateful for,” Chaney said. “On the personal side, we’re very good friends and will remain so. This is a win-win for both of us, which is what we sought to find with this new relationship.”

“It will be a fun adventure to have our new coaching/consulting brand eXtraordinary Financial Advisors (XFA),” Randall said. “We are adopting a theme of simplicity on how we operate and how we work with financial advisors to help them grow.”

Find more information about Dynamic Directions at dynamicdirections-d2.com and more about XFA at xfa.coach.

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