Meredith Garner is a Digital Marketing Specialist with Dynamic Directions (D2) who facilitates successful social media strategies, develops published content, and supports internal as well as external projects with the marketing team.

A graduate of West Liberty University, Meredith received her degree in Public Relations with a minor in Advertising. She holds previous experiences from The Walt Disney Company, a Pittsburgh Pirates Class A-Affiliate, West Virginia University and more.


Meredith specializes in social media management, copy editing, strategic content development and email automation campaigns. With the experience of publishing hundreds of articles and social media posts, Meredith is sure to drive your online presence sky-high through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and website development.

She holds interests in public relations, search engine optimization (SEO), event coordination, along with social media and content strategy. Meredith will utilize the right marketing tools for clients to understand and meet their goals to develop the best strategies with D2’s marketing team.


Meredith intends to keep an open mind to learn more opportunities every day. She believes it’s essential to make a positive impact while cultivating solid relationships through an understanding and willingness to help others.

Contact Meredith, and together, we’ll develop a customized plan that meets your digital marketing goals.

For a complimentary consultation, contact Meredith at:


CELL: 304-838-5084

In just ten years, Trevor Shakiba grew his financial advisory practice from $250k in GDC to $2.5M with ZERO practice acquisitions. Now a marketing consultant with D2, the same firm he hired to help with his transformation 10 years ago, he’s ready to share his journey with you!

Trevor specializes in helping financial advisors develop and execute a comprehensive marketing plan to drive exponential growth in their business. He focuses on his proven strategy of client acquisition through referrals, events, social media engagement, practice branding, personalized email communication and unforgettable WOW experiences.

Trevor’s own practice shows what you can accomplish with the right goals and a solid plan. Take a look at his results:

Clients Acquired
2008: $252,529
2008: $40.7M
2008: 19
2018: $2,528,053
2018: $244.7M
2018: 40

2013-18: $135.8m

All of Trevor’s growth was 100% organic, which has become a lost art within the industry. Trevor can help you reignite this part of your practice and help you build the right mix of motivation, strategy through repeatable systems, and consistency to you help achieve 10X results like he did!

Let Trevor and D2 provide the framework to develop a comprehensive marketing plan which will help you organically grow your practice more than you imagined possible!

Contact Trevor at 832-731-6923 or

Katie specializes in creating engaging social media content, designing custom websites, building impactful drip marketing campaigns, and delivering the WOW! factor for all client events and special gifting. Katie is dedicated to helping advisors develop successful marketing campaigns that will produce tangible results with client acquisition.

You can reach Katie at 727-385-4425 or

Scott Leibfried is a Private Wealth Advisor, President and Managing Partner at StackStone Wealth and a Growth Coach with Dynamic Directions focusing on financial advisor practitioners located in the upper-Midwest part of the U.S.

Scott has been an advisor for more than twenty years and has led his practice to quadruple reoccurring revenue over the past eight years while maintaining high profit-margins with nearly seventeen percent annualized growth in his business valuation – built organically in one office. Scott has been ranked in the top two percent of advisors at his broker-dealer every year since 2007. In 2017, he was named to the Financial Time’s Top 400 Financial Advisor List.

Previously, Scott was nationally-ranked in top sales and sales-management for The Southwestern Company based in Nashville, TN. He was also the founding President for the University of Northern Iowa Chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon, a national professional sales and marketing fraternity. Since its founding, the Northern Iowa Chapter has won numerous national awards for management and sales performance. Scott continues to give support as an accomplished alumni.

Scott is married to his first-wife, Laura, and they have two children – Mason and Gracie. Scott is an instrument-rated airplane pilot and enjoys flying his Cirrus SR22 for business and pleasure. He also enjoys snowmobiling in the mountains of Wyoming with his dad. Scott is a huge Chicago Cubs fan and cried tears of joy when they won the 2016 World Series.

CONTACT SCOTT: 563-599-1557 or

Terry Hinnendael is a Private Wealth Advisor with more than 35 years of experience in the financial industry.

Terry earned his BA from the University of Notre Dame. He qualified for his broker-dealer national conference in his first 12 months and presented at it. He has recruited and trained scores of advisors as district manager, moving on to branch manager, registered principal, and franchise consultant. His consultancy finished number one on the 2016 scorecard for his broker-dealer, and at their 2017 national conference, he received the outstanding leader award.

He has orchestrated over 19 successful practice transitions, and specializes in succession planning and achieving compliant mega-growth via scaling opportunities such as legal entities and mergers and acquisitions.

Terry has led advisor excursions to Dublin, London, Paris and Geneva. He is a producer-level investor in Broadway and West End musicals. He loves traveling, scuba diving, Ferraris, race tracks, helping orphans in Uganda (through BOSCO) and the following three quotes:

1) “As an entrepreneur, profit is like oxygen – you’ll die without it; but if you think all there is to life is breathing, you’ll miss a lot”

2) “The problem with winning the rat race is …. You’re still a rat.”

3) “Money is like manure. If you hoard it, it stinks. If you spread it around things grow!”

Terry and his wife of 40 years, Barb, live in Green Bay (Go Pack!) and have four children, two grandchildren and two Boxer pups.

CONTACT TERRY: 920-621-4157 or

Nancy Ainsworth is Vice President of Operations with Hinnendael Leadership and has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial industry. A former supervisor and manager, her primary areas of coaching and consulting include operations and accountability. She helps advisors stay focused on each project before moving on to the next as they continue their growth.

Nancy also specializes in coaching as a “change agent.” She believes that while change is easy, sustaining change is hard. As a trusted coach, she helps clients move from vision to habit in order to create lasting change.

CONTACT NANCY: 920-621-4157 or

With more than three decades in the financial industry, Sherrie English was one of the first women to reach $4 billion in sales. Now a business coach, Sherrie provides real world strategies to deal with real world challenges, helping you clarify your goals and untie the knots that keep you from achieving those goals. She is certified as a professional coach and in investment management, exit strategies, financial planning and energy leadership assessment.

Sherrie works with larger group and individual financial services practices which typically average around $1 million in GDC. She believes that when your goals, values and actions are in alignment, many of your frustrations will disappear. Sherrie designs a blueprint to align your beliefs and behaviors in way that produces results. Her wisdom born from experience, along with her ability to challenge you and hold you accountable, will change your business and life.

Sherrie is a mentor at NASDAQ’s Entrepreneurial Center and has facilitated workshops at NASDAQ, The University of Southern California, Texas Wall Street Women, Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley. She has also been the feature speaker at National Association of Professional Women and the Conference of Executive Women of Texas Government.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with Sherrie, call her at 512-567-6671 or email her at

Jon Randall is a Certified Master Coach™ and Premier Franchise Consultant who hit #1 in GDC Growth on the FC Scorecard for the advisors he works with all over the country. The average GDC for the advisors he works with is more than $1.2 MM. He focuses on helping financial advisors get to where they want to go with their life and practice.

He has been in practice with Ameriprise as an advisor since 1999. Jon started in New York and later moved to North Carolina in 2004. While restarting his practice at that point, he became one of the most successful marketers within Ameriprise. Jon started consulting for advisors in 2003 and joined forces with Dynamic Directions in 2007.

Jon works with some of the top financial professionals in the industry. He is a national presenter at financial service industry conventions and workshops around the country. Financial advisors coached by Jon consistently grow at a significantly higher rate than the average advisor. His specialties in consulting are in the areas of marketing, investments, financial planning and practice management.

Jon’s book Attract More Clients, Better Clients is on sale now.

You can reach Jon at 270-663-7264 or




Benjamin Hoak

Marketing Director

As Marketing Director, Ben coordinates strategic planning for marketing and communications efforts that deliver the Dynamic Directions message to our clients and prospective clients. He also oversees Dynamic Directions’ online presence and collaborates on other business planning and events.





Jenny Sevcik

Client Relations Manager

As D2’s Client Relations Manager, Jenny handles all client needs, including the primary responsibility of scheduling client calls.






Meghann Richardson

Client Service Coordinator

As D2’s Client Service Coordinator, Meghann’s primary responsibility is handling scheduling for our coaches and clients. She also provides administrative and operational support and is likely to answer the phone if you call D2!



Rachel Kelley

Assistant Marketing Director and Director of Wow

As Assistant Marketing Director, Rachel helps with all aspects of marketing at D2. As Director of Wow, she is responsible for enhancing the client experience and providing the wow factor. 

Drew is an award-winning advisor with more than 15 years of experience running a successful top-notch practice.

His success puts him in the top 1/2 percent of overall production in his firm. Through his association with Dynamic Directions, Drew speaks, coaches, consults and trains financial advisors to create Turbo Growth in their practice in the areas of marketing and investment portfolios. Drew participates in our monthly webinars and live workshops. Drew also works with advisors on case analysis for high net worth clients.

You can reach Drew at 270-684-8424 or