More Tips to Reduce Stress

by Travis Chaney | Oct 9, 2020

By Travis Chaney
CEO, Coach and Consultant

It’s a stressful time, so what can you do right now to reduce your overall stress? Here are a few tips:

One: Get enough sleep. The amount of sleep you get affects your mood, your energy level and your ability to concentrate. So during the midst of all of this, make sure you’re getting adequate sleep.

Two: Stay active. Follow a normal exercise routine. Plus, if you’re at home working right now, get up every hour, take a walk around the block, do some pushups, strike a yoga pose, do something to get the blood flow going so that you don’t feel like you’re stuck in some inertia sitting there all day.

Three: Listen to music. Listening to music is a great distraction. You can set the mood by what you want to listen to. I’d find some things that are upbeat, some things that maybe you can even just get up and dance to. That’s going to put you in the right mood to perform at your highest level.

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