Inner Circle Entrepreneur moves you from success to significance

What keeps you up at night?

Maybe you’re a business owner who know you are capable of a profound breakthrough, but you just can’t figure out what is limiting you.

Maybe you don’t know why your team is unengaged, unmotivated and so far behind you. How can you communicate your vision to them?

Maybe you have no one to talk to who understands the issues that come with your chosen life as an entrepreneur.

Maybe you have no idea where your business will be – or where you want it to be – in ten years.

If this describes the turmoil inside your head, you are a perfect fit for Inner Circle Entrepreneur, or ICE. Geared towards high-achieving entrepreneurs, ICE helps you discover how to lead your company not just to success, but to significance.

What is ICE?

Why are you an entrepreneur? You want to succeed, but you want more than that: you want the significance and fulfillment that comes from living a full life focused on others.

ICE can make that possible for you. ICE is a group of highly successful entrepreneurs committed to discovery and reinvention of themselves and their businesses. We use live workshops, coaching from experienced mentors and interaction with like-minded entrepreneurs to push each other to the rarified air of success, which we then translate into significance.

We’re not just about theory – the commitment that ICE requires guarantees you will see results. If you practically apply our principles by putting in the work, the possibilities are endless.

How ICE Works

Details of the ICE Elite program:

Live Workshops

Each year, you’ll attend two 2-day live workshops with interactive presentations, discussions and live mastermind groups to help with your challenges. You’ll build community with fellow entrepreneurs as you dig deep into the highs and lows of your business and life.

Think Tank

You’ll gather for a one-day brainstorming session about what’s working and not working in your business. You’ll get valuable input from experienced ICE leaders and other experienced entrepreneurs.

Mastermind Group

Your periodic mastermind group will provide immediate feedback to challenges you face as a business owner. You will help provide solutions for others, and everyone will commit to specific actions before the next meeting. This powerful technique always earns high marks from participants.

Access Coaching

As a member of ICE, you’ll receive 10 one-on-one coaching sessions a year with coaches who achieved great success as entrepreneurs. They have been where you are, and they know how to take you where you want to go.

Quarterly Webinars

Tune in once a quarter for interactive webinars which focus on implementing specific aspects of ICE principles.

Business Resources

ICE members receive periodic emails pointing them to current entrepreneurial resources, ideas and articles, along with occasional mailings of valuable information.

2020 ICE Events

ICE Think Tank
March 26

ICE Retreat
June 11

ICE Workshop
November 11-12

Head to our registration page for more info.

  • Dan Gamm
    Dan Gamm Gamm Financial Group
    ICE has been invaluable in helping me improve as a person, as a leader and as a visionary. Other coaching has helped improve my performance in my business; ICE has forced me to think beyond the boundaries of my traditional financial practice to create an experience for my clients beyond anything I could have come up with previous to joining ICE.


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