Energy Management for Peak Performance

by d2dynamic | Oct 8, 2020

By Jon Randall
Chief Coaching Officer

Energy management is a key to achieving peak performance. It can be a tremendous tool and is highly associated with your overall performance in work and in life. It’s important to balance and enhance your energy when you need it most.

Think about the things that give you the most energy and do more of those things. Think about what steals your energy, what are your energy vampires, and reduce them or avoid them.

Energy is really tied into the other parts of your life as well, such as sleep. Most human beings typically need seven to nine consecutive hours of sleep to fully recharge, just like your phone might need to recharge in between using it.

Your food intake is very important too – being aware of your calories and avoiding sugars. Plant-based diets are becoming very popular with elite athletes. So take care of what you put into your body, and take time to rest and recharge it.

And then finally, move around! Especially your cardiovascular exercise, whether it’s running or biking or walking, is really important to your overall energy. Weight training, stretching, things like yoga can really, really help. So take care of yourself. It makes a big difference in your overall performance.

When you need to dig deep, you need those extra charges in your batteries, all of these things will help. We’ve got some great white papers and workbooks on these topics, and if you want to schedule a complimentary consultation to work on this idea, email or call 270-663-7264.

Stay awesome.


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