Energy for Entrepreneurs – Fueling Life

by Ben Hoak | Dec 30, 2019

Energy is one of the most important elements in life and in business. It is the fuel for life, success and significance! Passion is well of the highest levels of energy. Think about the things you are most passionate about and how much energy you have to give those areas. The most successful and significant people in life align their passion and energy to get the biggest results.

What are you most passionate about in life and your business?

Many people suffer from energy vampires in their lives. These things or people suck energy away and can leave you running on empty. Often times one does not realize when this is happening! Another example could be someone on your team who is not a fit culturally and the difference wears on you. Another could be someone in your life who you are around that drains you. Something negative looming is often an energy vampire. Get the people who drain you out of your life and business!

Who in your life and business drains your energy?

Technology can be one of the biggest energy vampires. Notifications pop up on our devices and we react. Many are a slave to their incoming text messages and emails, stopping what they are doing to check them. This is a constant drain when your technology controls you. Take control of your technology to keep yourself fully charged.

What are your energy vampires?

How will you approach your technology differently?

Turning off all notifications on your phone, tablet, computer and other devices can be an empowering solution to preserve your energy and use it where YOU want to. Stop the incoming email notifications, text alerts and anything else that will distract you. An example on the iPhone or iPad is turning off the red circle notification of home many unread emails and texts you have. You can now choose when it is best for YOU to check these things. Many successful people will have a designation time of day when they check their communications and avoid the temptation to have constant energy disruptions.

Line up your day to do the most important things when you have the most energy. If exercise is important to you, do it when you are at your best and have the most energy. If you are dealing with your best customers, make sure you are doing it at a point in the day when you are at your best. Many people’s energy fades in the day (much like the battery in your cell phone), and this drain accelerates in the afternoon. If have the most energy in the mornings, reserve that time for your most important things and push all others to other times of the day!

When in the day and week are you at your highest energy levels?

How can you align your most important activities to occur at these same points?

Managing your energy is far more important than managing your time. Time is important as it is the only thing in business that cannot be replaced. Managing time is for employees, managing energy is for entrepreneurs. Exercise and your diet are fuels for energy. The quality of the food we eat to nourish our bodies is very important. Think about the foods that make you feel great (fruits and vegetables) and those that make you feel worse or eventually crash (sugar, caffeine, fried food, fast food). Work on new ways to keep your energy fully charge so you can achieve Turbo Growth!

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