DISC Assessments

by d2dynamic | Aug 27, 2020

By Jon Randall
Chief Coaching Officer

Assessments can be extremely helpful tools for your practice, specifically to boost team effectiveness and your leadership skills with your team. One assessment in particular that’s become very popular, which I definitely recommend using for teams, is the DISC assessment.

What DISC measures is behavior preferences, or the tendencies that people have in their behaviors. There are four main styles identified, and every human being is a different mix of those four styles. Some are very much one style and some are a complete perfect blend of all of them, but we’re all different.

When there are different people than you on your team, there’s natural friction that occurs, because some of the things that are motivators for you could be stressors for others. And oftentimes the franchise owner creates the most friction with their team and the most stress with their team, and that’s a problem because stress is the biggest inhibitor of productivity – it steals away time and energy, and it holds people back.

So if you’re constantly creating stress with your team because they’re different than you and the way that you tend to behave, your team’s not going to be as effective. The answer is not for them to necessarily change – it’s more about you making adjustments, and how you communicate with them, how you work with them and how you lead them.

At D2, we’ve also got some new programs to go deeper with your team and understand a little bit more about the different styles on your team and how you can be more effective working with others.

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