Digital Marketing

Over the years, marketing platforms have changed, but the technique has remained the same: identify your niche and reach out to as many qualified prospects in that niche as you can.

D2 has used this method to developed a sophisticated and comprehensive LinkedIn marketing system that delivers a steady stream of qualified prospects, generating real returns for his practice.

Since August 2018 (for one firm):
• More than 3,000 new LinkedIn connections
• More than 1,250 prospect interactions – actual In-mail conversations
• More than 185 prospects currently interested in his services – $45m+ in potential new assets uncovered
• 30+ leads committed to meetings that have potential for more than $10.2m in new AUM
• 23 new clients with $8.5m in new business with $6.7m in potential future business
• That is a more than 40% interaction rate, with more than 8% of those people either interested in his services or closed as new clients

We have done the difficult work of building a prospecting system for the 21st Century. Now we want to use that system to benefit you.

You want to serve your clients by meeting face-to-face with them – you don’t want to spend your time in the trenches of social media. Let our LinkedIn marketing expertise help generate a steady stream of qualified leads so you can do what you do best.

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