Christy Chaney Does It All

by Mandy | Jun 6, 2023

Learn more about D2’s new Director of Digital Marketing!

What is your new role at D2?

I am now the Director of Digital Marketing for Dynamic Directions, plus I’m continuing to serve as the Co-Director of Events and Wow for D2 – and our resident gift-giving phenom.

What motivates you to take on the challenge of digital marketing?

I have been a part of D2 since the beginning. I was there the day it was born. (I was sick in a hotel room in Mexico, but I was there. It’s a good story – I’ll tell you sometime!) Over the years, I’ve played various roles, filling in wherever needed – most recently, I’ve been implementing touch point strategies that include extraordinary gifting, branding, and coordinating events, creating a level of personalization and Wow designed to surprise and delight our clients.

I see this new responsibility as a natural extension of this focus. I’m excited about the chance to use digital strategies to showcase the personal side of our advisors.

What’s your digital marketing background?

In 2018, I co-founded Owensboro Times, an all-digital, hyper-local daily news source. I help lead our team of writers and creators – we have generated more than 25 million visits to our website and app, and we have 20,000 subscribers, along with 50,000 Facebook followers and 8,000 Instagram followers.

It’s been exciting to create content that’s engaging and relevant, and to see followers respond. I’m ready to do the same for financial advisors.

What else has prepared you for this role?

I spent 18 years as a fifth-generation funeral director, serving as Vice President and Director of Signature Services, creating unique, personalized services that celebrated life stories. As part of my duties, I implemented a social media plan and marketing strategy with an amazing company and friend that resulted in our commercial winning a regional Emmy.

For 10 years, I also owned Studio Slant, the premier gift store in Owensboro. Our social media presence grew to include 10,000 Instagram followers and 8,000 Facebook followers as we highlighted products, promoted services, and implemented fun and unique programs.

We also created EastBridge Arts and Music Festival, which grew from 25 artists to more than 100 artists and 30,000 visitors.

You can’t say I don’t know how to throw a party – in real-life and online!

What are your plans for D2DM?

I want to expand on our current foundation by bringing increased brand awareness, hyper-personalization, and increased levels of social strategies. D2 clients are amazing, and we want to bring their personalities and practices to life online so they can help as many people as possible reach their dreams.

You can reach Christy at or 270-663-7264.

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