Terry Hinnendael, CFP®

Coach and Consultant

Terry Hinnendael is a Private Wealth Advisor with more than 35 years of experience in the financial industry.

Terry earned his BA from the University of Notre Dame. He qualified for his broker-dealer national conference in his first 12 months and presented at it. He has recruited and trained scores of advisors as district manager, moving on to branch manager, registered principal, and franchise consultant. His consultancy finished number one on the 2016 scorecard for his broker-dealer, and at their 2017 national conference, he received the outstanding leader award.

He has orchestrated over 19 successful practice transitions, and specializes in succession planning and achieving compliant mega-growth via scaling opportunities such as legal entities and mergers and acquisitions.

Terry has led advisor excursions to Dublin, London, Paris and Geneva. He is a producer-level investor in Broadway and West End musicals. He loves traveling, scuba diving, Ferraris, race tracks, helping orphans in Uganda (through BOSCO) and the following three quotes:

1) “As an entrepreneur, profit is like oxygen – you’ll die without it; but if you think all there is to life is breathing, you’ll miss a lot”

2) “The problem with winning the rat race is …. You’re still a rat.”

3) “Money is like manure. If you hoard it, it stinks. If you spread it around things grow!”

Terry and his wife of 40 years, Barb, live in Green Bay (Go Pack!) and have four children, two grandchildren and two Boxer pups.

CONTACT TERRY: 920-621-4157 or terry@dynamicdirections-d2.com.