ICE Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

As part of Inner Circle Entrepreneur, you will be exposed to a continuous stream of powerful and proven business building tenets and principles; a thought process system for entrepreneurs dedicated to creating an extraordinary business and life.

Based on the principles of Dr. Nido Qubein, you will learn to upgrade your life and business through the implementation of the following fundamentals:

  • Living an Intentionally Congruent Life – Learn a purposeful system to examine the main elements of your work and personal lives – to make sure all of your activities are mutually supportive.

  • Risk Management – It’s simple:  no risk equals no reward. Mastering the fundamentals of risk determines the size of the profit and wealth you create.

  • Beliefs, Behaviors, and Results Model – Find out just how your beliefs affect your behavior – and ultimately– your results.

  • Transactional vs. Transformational Leadership – It’s easy to deliver transactional thinking in a world of sameness. In order to be different and effective, it’s important to learn the fundamentals of transforming people and organizations.

  • The importance of leaving a Trail of Tangibles

  • Product of the product – how do you want your client to feel as a result of doing business with you?

  • Value Interpretation – “value is in the eye of the buyer – not the seller.” Companies that master the art of interpreting value drive incredible profits while delivering a memorable experience for clients. Stop selling time and start selling results.

  • Solution Finding vs. Problem Solving – Learn to solve problems only once and to eliminate recurring problems.

  • Bullish Attitude – If your attitude was for sale, would you buy it? And if so, how much would you pay for it?

  • Creating the “Wow” experience – Extinguish the “Un-Wows” in your business – Go from meeting client expectations, to exceeding, to pleasing, and then amazing.

  • The Cure for Unproductivitis and Open Loop Syndrome – Stop doing what someone else can do for you. Learn how to spend 80% of your energy on the activities that drive passion and increase productivity in your business.

  • What you choose is what you get!

  • Success vs. Significance – Learn the distinct differences between accepting success and driving toward significance. Success is always a moving target. Significance equals legacy, impact and purpose. Significance is living the depth and width of life.

  • Big Change is for winners – Small Change is for wimps! Incremental change doesn’t lead to profound results.

  • You become who you surround yourself with – Are you surrounding yourself with people just like you? Learn to upgrade and experience (and enjoy) the discomfort.

  • And many more!

Zach and Travis are some of the brightest and most innovative transformational leaders I know. They have perfected the art of diagnosing and applying the fundamentals that point to success in any endeavor – and now they show so many others how to apply these systems and coach them towards extraordinary outcomes. It all works because they have credibility and experience with each enjoying success in their own businesses.

Dr. Nido Qubein
Dr. Nido QubeinPresident, High Point University