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At Dynamic Directions, we are committed to helping you achieve Turbo Growth by offering you the tools you need to transform your practice.

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Specific Resources


Browse videos, audios, spreadsheets and documents designed to help you become an entrepreneur and think like a CEO.  Along with these tools, we can help you drive your top and bottom line while driving equity into your business.


Marketing—which brings new assets, opportunities and referrals—should be an integral part of your business.  Browse these resources, specially compiled to help you counteract clients leaving or passing away, systematic payouts, clients who are reaching their goals and taking money out and a down market.

Financial Planning

To achieve optimal growth at the pace you want, you have to be a great financial advisor while you embrace the CEO role in your business.  Along with these resources, we can help you learn your role, at the same time guiding you in addressing specific unique needs you have around processes and procedures for your practice.

Product Solutions

Browse these resources to compare SPS and ADP, as well as insurance strategies.  We’re dedicated to helping you discover the best practices and proven techniques to transform your financial services practice.

Business Management

As the leader in your practice, you are also the head coach for your team. Browse these resources to learn the differences between coaching and managing – and gain the tools for positioning your team for maximum GDC growth!


We run a monthly webinar for clients called the Bullish on Business Webinar. Our resident investment guru Drew Watson provides a monthly investment update, and D2 Coach Jon Randall hosts a discussion on a different topic each month (marketing, an in-depth case study, etc.).

Here’s a sneak preview of the series (clients who login will have access to the entire series):

White Papers

Looking for a more in-depth explanation of a particular topic? D2 has produced a series of white papers that offer insight on various topics financial advisors face as you run your business.

The white papers below are available to download for free. Clients who login will have access to our entire library of white papers.

What is the Value of Coaching for Business Owners?

The Value of Coaching

Find out how valuable a coach can be for you!

Download Now
The Value of Coaching

Building the Ideal Investment Department

Ideal Investing

Get tips on building the ideal investment department in your practice.

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Ideal Investing

Does Your Business Attract Mice or Elephants?

Mice or Elephants

What kind of customers do you want? Find out now!

Download Now
Mice or Elephants

Wow Resources

D2 can help you surprise and delight your clients with our exclusive Wow Handbook, designed to springboard you into a world of wow. Check back regularly for new ideas on gifts, events, branding and much more!

Contact us at 270-663-7264 or with any questions!