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Now is your opportunity!

These are difficult days, especially for financial advisors. You have learned the basics as an advisor, but now that you’re ready to really start building your business, the world is anything but normal.

In the midst of difficulty, though, lies opportunity.

The chaos all around us is creating spaces for conversations that didn’t exist six months ago. If you don’t have the skillset to capitalize on those opportunities, they will pass you by.

Smooth Sales is a sales education program designed to help you acquire clients.
It’s filled with our best information on how to attract potential clients, PLUS we have supplemented the program with brand-new, boots-on-the-ground virtual tactics that our advisors are using to gain new clients even in the midst of a world-wide pandemic.
Smooth Sales includes monthly videos, workbooks, exercises and reading assignments, all driven by live coaching from Sherrie English, one of the best in the business.
We will help you build the MINDSET and the SKILLSET to get clients in the door, and we have front-loaded the process to launch you quickly.
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Here's our thinking: sales is not a dirty word! Sure, we have all walked away from a salesman feeling like we needed a shower, but that's because he was in it for himself, not for us.  

When you know that your service will change someone's life, your mission changes from your own benefit to theirs. How could you not tell them about it? You would actually be doing them a disservice if you didn't approach them! 

Our sales approach is built with the client in mind. We want to help you engage prospects and clients in a genuine, organized manner that serves their best interests.

We have built a toolbox filled with specific tools to help you master the fundamentals of attracting new clients and then communicating and creating urgency with them so they will take action to meet their goals.

Here's how we set you up for success:

Monthly Videos

Learn from Smooth Selling coaches and top advisors - including Barron's Top 1,200!

One-on-One Coaching

This is where the true work gets done - and we have the best coaches in the business.

Practical Exercises

Workbooks and exercises designed to put principles into practice.

Practice Analysis

Analysis and valuation designed to tell you how much your practice is worth.

Mastermind Groups

Share challenges and solutions with other advisors. (If participating in group program.)

GDC Boosters

Sales and marketing ideas to bring money in the door!

Resources and Reports

Videos, articles and more, plus accountability to keep you on target.


Access to live virtual events that will leave you inspired!


What You Will Learn

  • Understanding how Beliefs influence Behaviors and Results
  • Sales and communication philosophies
  • Creating urgency with yourself, prospects and clients
  • SMOKE Principles
  • Understanding your own “Why” and motivation
  • Scripting a vision for your practice
  • Setting specific goals that are yours – not someone else’s
  • Target and Harvest marketing approach
  • Developing niches to pursue
  • Identifying the Top Shelf Clients in your practice to duplicate 
  • Marketing strategies that work: Purple Teeth Marketing, Building a Referral Culture, Niche Marketing and more
  • How to leverage a Client Advocacy Board
  • How and who to ask for referrals
  • Conducting small intimate social events to duplicate your best clients
  • Matching pricing with value
  • Increasing your average financial planning fee
  • Increasing your financial planning engagements
  • Creating and delivering wow to your client base
  • Accountability with a bi-weekly scorecard
  • Becoming a leader

Meet Sherrie.

Sherrie English, Certified Professional Coach, will be your guide through Smooth Sales.

  • Sherrie was one of the first women in the financial industry to gather $4 Billion in assets.
  • The largest single-family client she’s acquired was a $250 Million account. 
  • She coaches with NASDAQ in their entrepreneurial incubator, has been featured on national television and has run workshops for Texas Wall Street Women, University of Southern California and many others. 

Sherrie has over 3 decades of sales and coaching experience in the financial industry. She works with the outstanding D2 team of coaches so that you can have over a century of combined experience working for you.

You will have personalized coaching and accountability from someone who has been there and done that, so you get the results you’re after.    

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Additional Smooth Sales Coaches

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Trevor Shakiba

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Smooth Sales Packages

Smooth Sales works best with individual coaching, so here's what the program includes:

 S2 Platinum Package

  • Monthly topic webinars
  • Follow-up action items - participation and results scorecard 
  • Workbook and tools by topic 
  • Supporting videos 
  • Articles and white papers
  • Six virtual group mastermind sessions (if participating in group)
  • Practice analysis (your top opportunities)
  • D2 Live and D2 Think Tank complimentary (virtual) registration ($1,798 value)
  • Access to Bullish on Business video series
  • Two monthly individual coaching sessions (30-minute sessions)

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Why D2?

Smooth Sales is a division of Dynamic Directions, an award-winning coaching and consulting firm specializing in building a better life and practice for financial advisors. We have been named Franchise Consultant of the Year by a leading broker-dealer four of the last seven years, and we currently work with more than 350 advisors across the country, including members of the Barron’s Top 1,200 Advisors and Forbes Top 200 Women Advisors.  

D2 coaches have already experienced highly successful careers in sales and sales management, and now use the D2 sales methodology in their mission to educate others on how to achieve success. The D2 sales education and performance improvement approach focuses on helping you drive revenue and grow long-term client relationships. 

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Here's how our registration process works:

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2. Complete a short assessment to make sure you're a good fit for the program.

3. Jump into Smooth Sales!

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