Drive New Assets, Opportunities and Referrals into Your Practice

Rejuvenate Your Practice with Our Marketing Process

If you feel like marketing is downright difficult, you’re not alone. Many financial advisors are frustrated trying to counteract clients leaving or passing away, systematic payouts, clients who are reaching their goals and taking money out and a down market. That’s why marketing—which brings new assets, opportunities and referrals—should be an integral part of your business. Best of all, marketing your practice effectively and creating a referral culture doesn’t have to be difficult—that’s where we can help.

The Marketing Process

For advisors who have the team in-house ready to be trained and implement marketing activities within their office, Dynamic Directions will guide you through the process of developing and implementing the various key marketing channels. With the tools they receive, your team will be able to take the ball and run with it within a matter of months. They will take a deep dive into all the critical marketing activities from event planning and how to engage the right attendees, to referral marketing and what a conversation that works sounds like, to updating your interactive marketing machine, to how to reach out to COI’s and gain the alliances and referrals you are looking for.

By engaging in this program, practices can expect to delve into all of the eight essential marketing activities starting with the development of a comprehensive Marketing Plan based on assessments from the previous year’s activities and results. The Marketing Process from Dynamic Directions is not for the soft and complacent. You can expect your Marketing Coach to give you extensive marketing exercises and action items and hold you accountable to getting them done.

If you are ready to take your marketing from “Ho hum” to making a BIG BANG, then this is where you want to invest your time!

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