Comprehensive Coaching and Consulting

Being a Great Financial Advisor is Not Enough

You Must Become an Entrepreneur and Think Like a CEO

To achieve optimal growth at the pace you want, you have to be a great financial advisor while you embrace the CEO role in your business. Through comprehensive coaching and consulting, we can help you learn your role while guiding you in addressing specific processes and procedures for your practice. Becoming an entrepreneur and thinking like a CEO will drive your top and bottom line while driving equity into your business.

Dynamic Directions’ Coaching includes:

  • Personal assessment
  • Practice assessment
  • Examination of your values and motivations
  • Development of a clear vision for the future
  • Setting measurable goals
  • Defining focused action plans
  • Using validated behavioral change tools and techniques
  • Helping you develop competencies and remove blocks to achieve sustainable changes in your practice and personal life

Why Does Advisor Coaching Work?

Dynamic Directions’ advisor coaching helps clarify objectives and goals; align values, goals and actions; keeps you accountable; offers support; keeps you focused; and reinforces changed behaviors. As the best of many disciplines, it’s based on validated techniques for changing behavior.

Who Works with Us?

Our niche is working with financial advisors. We typically work with the financial advisor who is also the owner of the business, which leads to other one-on-one and group activities with the key team members of the business. Our best clients are:

  • Open-minded
  • Future-based
  • Committed to principle-based decision making
  • Action-oriented
  • Willing to commit to achieving goals
  • Coaching
  • Have a positive, bullish attitude
  • Want Turbo Growth

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