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Transform Your Life and Business

What keeps you awake at night?

You are a successful financial advisor and business owner, but you know you are capable of more. You lie awake in your bed, thinking about how you can’t quite figure out what’s limiting you right now.

You need to know: how can you motivate your team and communicate your vision? How can you plan the next 10 years? Are your team members in the right roles? How can you get more referrals? What’s the best way to build a marketing plan? How can you keep increasing your GDC? Who can you talk to who truly understands the pressures of your position?

If this at all describes the turmoil you feel in your head, Dynamic Directions is here to help. Geared toward high-achieving financial advisors who are committed to growth, D2 helps you discover the principles of growth, leadership and entrepreneurship.

What is D2?

Dynamic Directions is a coaching and consulting firm specializing in building a better life and practice for financial advisors. Our goal is to help advisors double their GDC in three years or less with half the clients.

CEO Travis Chaney and Transformation Guide Jon Randall have repeatedly won the Ameriprise Franchise Consultant of the Year. 2019 makes the sixth time in nine years a coach from Dynamic Directions has won this prestigious award. We currently work with more than 150 advisors across the country, including members of  Barron’s Top 1,200 Advisors and Barron’s Top 100 Women Advisors.

We transform lives and practices through comprehensive coaching and consulting focused on our top value of results. Our due-diligence process starts with an in-depth assessment of your practice, followed by a specific plan of attack to not just reach, but exceed your goals.

Why are we different?

We believe that life-changing results don’t happen by accident. Our coaching helps you discover proven principles to follow as you make changes to bring success. Our Dynamic Directions coaching team consists of current and former CAC advisors, top-rated Barron’s advisors, PWA advisors, Certified Master Coaches, published authors and industry experts. We believe no other Franchise Consultant team can match our breadth, depth, strength and capacity to take on new advisors.

Click through each category below to explore our various coaching specialties

Coaching and Consulting Services

Comprehensive Coaching and Consulting

Our comprehensive coaching package looks at every area of your practice. We will develop a detailed plan to help you reach your goals in each area in order to drive growth! Learn more.


We can show you how to effectively market your practice and create a referral culture that will drive growth. Learn more.

Digital Marketing and Experience

Our digital marketing team will help you use your online presence to generate qualified prospects who can drive real returns for your practice . Learn more.

Practice Management

Our practice management coaching focuses on the operations of your business as you learn to build an efficient structure for growth. Learn more.

Human Resources Coaching

We’ll help you define roles and work with your team to ensure everyone is in the right position for maximum efficiency and growth. Learn more.

Insurance Specialist

We can guide you to use insurance to help protect your clients’ dreams and assets. This is a surprisingly effective area of growth for most advisors. Learn more.

Support Team Coaching

Our specialists will work with your team to help them become more efficient and effective. Learn more.

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